Cooling Tower Rental

Portable Air and Power offers cooling tower rentals for your temporary cooling needs. Our team engineers a solution to meet your unique specifications for optimal performance.

Our rental inventory includes cooling towers ranging from 20 to 1,000 tons available in trailer and skid mounts. Our high-quality, efficient cooling towers cool the condenser water by evaporating some of the temperature in the water.

Used to remove heat from water-cooled systems, cooling towers are essential for operation for many systems across multiple industries. Pairing one of our cooling towers with a chiller can increase cooling efficiency to tackle larger jobs. Our team of engineers and technicians create a custom solution to ensure the systems work in sync with each other.

Industry Applications for Cooling Tower Rental

From supplemental cooling during high-production periods and scheduled shutdowns to emergency applications, Portable Air and Power is prepared to meet your water cooling needs. We supply temporary cooling towers to the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing industries as well as for special events.

Our cooling tower rentals are excellent options for:

  • Electric power generation
  • Mechanical processes
  • Chemical plants

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Cooling Tower Capabilities

  • 20 to 1,000 Tons
  • Trailer and Skid Mounted