Rental Equipment for Your Industry

Portable Air and Power serves multiple industries in markets spanning across the Southeast and beyond.

With locations strategically scattered, we can provide rental equipment to areas of the country containing the most diverse group of businesses, facilities, and industry sectors.

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

    The industrial and manufacturing industries process and create materials and products for many industries and end uses. Whether it’s powering large motors, operating comfort cooling units, or providing low voltage power, our staff of engineers and technicians have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. When maintaining a certain temperature or humidity level in an area is critical, our team works quickly to implement a solution that is best for you.

    From processing plants to chemical plants and everything in between, Portable Air and Power has the experience and rental equipment inventory to ensure planned and emergency system outages do not hinder production speed or quality.

  • Commercial

    Covering countless sectors, the commercial industry serves the public with professional services, healthcare, and more. Whether keeping a server room cool, heating an office for employee comfort, or powering lights at a construction site, our knowledgeable team will provide a solution for your needs that enhances productivity and does not break the bank.

    We serve healthcare facilities, office buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, and other similar sectors. Portable Air and Power can minimize downtime and increase your production and value of the services your providing to your customers.

  • Special Events

    We can partner with you as your special event approaches to handle all your power, heating, and cooling needs. With high voltage typically being used at special events, a blackout is a real possibility if you aren’t properly powered. We can provide power for lights, hot plates, and speakers, as well as keep your guests at a comfortable temperature.

    Whether it is supplementing air flow for a confined event space or comprehensively handling climate control and power for an outdoor event under a tent, we have experience creating solutions for special events. We keep the power on and the temperature regulated so that you can focus on planning and executing your event flawlessly.

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Portable Air and Power Equipment Applications

Our power, heating, and cooling solutions can be implemented in many different applications, some examples including:

  • Air Conditioners

    • Outdoor events
    • Gymnasiums
    • Hospital ER
  • Generators

    • Construction sites
    • Studio productions
    • Special event
  • Chillers

    • Comfort cooling system
    • Chemical plant
    • Factory machinery
  • Spot Coolers

    • Board rooms
    • Retail floor space
    • Industrial motor cooling
  • Cooling Tower

    • Paper mill
    • Power plant
    • Refinery
  • Heaters

    • Warehouses
    • Office space
    • Closed tent event
  • Dehumidifiers

    • Factories
    • Office buildings
    • Hotels