Commercial Generator Rental

Portable Air and Power offers rental generators, transformers, and distribution panels and cables to meet your power needs for your project.

We take time to design an effective system that operates quickly in an emergency situation.

Customized Rentals for Your Needs

Portable Air and Power carries generators available up to 2 megawatts to maintain power when it is critical for operation. We offer trailer and skid mounted generators. Our transformers operate to step the voltage levels running between circuits up or down based on how much power you need to function. Spider boxes, pagoda panels, and quad strings can be paired with our transformers to provide power to multiple pieces of equipment with varying power requirements and uses.

Whether starting large motors, operating comfort cooling units, or providing low voltage power, our staff of engineers and technicians have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. Let us team up with your maintenance planners or engineers to determine the best equipment to meet your unique power needs.

Industry Applications for Generator Rentals

Our power solutions can serve in various applications of multiple scales. We provide power in emergency situations or can act as your backup power source. We supply temporary generators, transformers, and distribution panels to the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing industries as well as for special events.

Our rental generators can provide power to:

  • Outdoor events
  • Studio productions
  • Construction sites

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Power Solutions Capabilities

  • Generators

    • 7.5 kW to 2 Meg
    • Trailer and Skid Mounted
  • Transformers

    • 15 KvA to 2500 kVa
  • Distribution Panels

    • 50 Amp Spider Box
    • I-line Panel with Transformer
    • 6/4, 2/0 and 4/0 Power Cable