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What to Consider When Renting a HVAC System

To ensure you are being provided a properly sized, cost effective and efficient portable air conditioning system for your needs, many questions need to be answered. Considerations include: size, type and accessibility of the space, available power source, temperature and humidity requirements, length of the rental and maintenance/operation of the equipment.

Size, Type, and Accessibility

The size and type of system required to provide a portable air conditioning system directly correlates to the size, type and accessibility of the space being cooled or heated.  To properly size a portable air conditioning system, the physical size of the space is needed to calculate the required BTU to heat and cool the area.  The type and accessibility of the area or space to be utilized are also important factors.  For example, equipment used for manufacturing and industrial areas may differ greatly from equipment used for healthcare, food processing, and office space.  Finally, physical placement of the temporary equipment, with routing of the ductwork, hose and power cable, must be considered for effective installation and optimal performance.

Type and Availability of a Power Source

Major factors in determining equipment selection for a temporary HVAC system are the type, amount, and location of a nearby power source. Equipment dependent power sources ranging from standard 120-volt wall outlets to large amperage 480-volt, 3 phase power may be required to operate a properly sized system. In special situations, temporary power generators may be needed and can be provided to operate the equipment.

Timeline of Usage

The length of time a portable air conditioner is needed goes into the equipment selection process. When designing a portable air conditioner rental solution, the length of use also needs to be considered. Equipment chosen for short-term applications may differ from equipment used for long term situations. Short term projects may not warrant the cost of a labor-intensive setup of larger equipment. Multiple smaller pieces of equipment may be a viable option provided to lessen the labor on the customer. For long term rentals, routine maintenance is often necessary and may include: filter changes, oil changes and coil cleaning. Responsibility and costs for maintenance will be addressed prior to installation.

Special Considerations

Commercial structures, industrial processes, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites require different temperature and humidity parameters. Low temperature applications require special consideration during engineering and installation to protect the equipment and structure from damage. Moisture remediation and drying necessitate proper sizing and skilled installation to ensure satisfactory results.

Custom Solutions

Portable Air and Power offers custom HVAC solutions for our clients. From initial contact to project completion, our expert staff can handle all aspects. Our team of technical sales, logistic specialists, and service technicians are skilled in design, delivery, installation, and operation of our rental equipment.  We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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