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How Commercial Dehumidifier Rental Adds Value to Production Output

Moisture levels must remain low in commercial and industrial processes for many reasons. Renting a commercial dehumidifier protects your environment can also reduce energy costs.


Using Portable Air and Power as your rental company allows you access to the latest dehumidification technology without the burden of maintenance costs and equipment upgrades. In addition, the quality of your end product is improved by being able to precisely control the humidity level of the production site.

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Create a Quality End Product

With the ability to control the humidity levels in your business’ environment, our dehumidification system will achieve your ultimate goal. Many industries must control the moisture in the air, which can shift as seasons change. To maintain a safe, healthy, and productive work environment, commercial dehumidifiers are used in the following industry applications and more:

  • Food manufacturing and storage facilities
  • Health care facilities
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Restaurants

Other Situations Requiring Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

After Experiencing Water Damage

From a natural disaster or a piece of equipment that has been slowly leaking over time, a commercial dehumidifier is the ultimate solution for getting rid of large amounts of moisture quickly to reduce water damage.

Painting, Coating, and Finishing

Moisture levels need to be controlled in situations where paint, coatings, or finishes are being applied to prevent bubbling and ensure proper drying. A commercial dehumidifier system controls the moisture in a space eliminating unnecessary delayed drying time.

Types of Dehumidifiers We Offer

Portable Air and Power carries Low Grain Refrigeration (LGRs) equipment, which are an excellent option for areas with extremely high moisture levels. LGRs add an extra dehumidification step by maintaining a cool temperature inside the machine’s moisture-filled area, so that moisture can be more efficiently removed from the air passing through it.

In addition, we carry desiccant dehumidifiers that operate in a slightly different way. These machines have a wheel in the center containing silica gel that attracts moisture as air is blown through. Desiccant dehumidifiers work better in cooler temperatures and are quieter than traditional compressor-powered dehumidifiers.

Portable Air and Power – Dehumidifier Rental Experts

Portable Air and Power maintains inventory of dehumidifier systems to meet your commercial and industrial needs. Our team can engineer a system to keep humidity low for the duration of your project. We also carry air movers that can work in conjunction with our dehumidifiers or stand alone to increase air circulation in a space. We are equipped to provide temporary dehumidification, air circulation, and air cleaning for your space.