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5 Reasons Dehumidifier Rental is Better Than Purchasing


There are several reasons that renting a dehumidifier is a better option than purchasing one. Based on your frequency of use, your understanding of the dehumidifier’s functionality and operations, and your budget for upfront and maintenance costs, dehumidifier rental is likely the best option for your needs. Portable Air and Power carries low-grain refrigerant (LGR) and desiccant dehumidifiers and can engineer and install a system for your needs.

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Let’s compare the benefits of renting a dehumidifier:

1. Cost

More than likely, the cost is most important factor to consider when debating on dehumidifier rental or purchase. The cost of a dehumidifier can come from many avenues. First, the upfront cost of purchasing the dehumidifier and it’s equipment can deter even the most prepared buyers. Then after purchasing, the expenses add up when you consider servicing and maintenance, upgrading technology, and transporting the dehumidifier to and from locations.

2. Testing Different Models/Types

Purchasing a dehumidifier locks you in to that specific make, model, and technology. A dehumidifier rental company allows you to rent different types of dehumidification systems and test out which one works best for your moisture control needs.

Based on your needs, a dehumidifier rental company can recommend the equipment to best serve your organization. The size and location of the area needing moisture control will determine whether you’ll need a trailer mounted or skid mounted. There are low-grain refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifier models depending on your needs as well.

3. Cleaning & Maintenance

You might be an expert at mechanics, but why not let someone else handle your dehumidifier’s cleaning and maintenance? A dehumidifier rental company will take care of any servicing and maintenance the equipment needs to operate at full efficiency.

4. Latest Technology

When you trust a dehumidifier rental company to design a system for your needs, you are getting the most updated technology in the industry. Buying a dehumidifier puts the responsibility of updating your technology and equipment on you. Unless you are content with an outdated model or system, renting a dehumidifier from a rental company is your best bet.

5. Delivery, Set Up, & Take Down

When you choose to rent a dehumidifier, the rental company is responsible for delivering the equipment to your location – a construction job site, data center, job site, factory, office building, or hotel. The delivery team will also handle setting the dehumidification system up in the required location and ensure the equipment is operating properly and meeting your needs. Once you no longer need the dehumidifier, the rental company will dismantle the system and take care of removing it from your location.

Purchasing a dehumidifier requires proper transportation for the equipment and knowledge of the mechanics that make it work.

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Portable Air and Power can design a system for managing the humidity in your space, no matter what the size of the job or level of moisture in the air required. Our team also has 24/7 response for emergency situations.