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5 Industry Applications for Spot Cooler Rentals

Spot Cooler Rental Industry Applications

When air conditioning is essential for business or facility operation, our portable spot coolers are the best option for temporary cooling.

Our units range in size from 1 to 10 tons and utilize various power sources based on what you have available. Portable spot coolers are an energy-efficient option for temporary cooling, are easy to move where it is needed most, and are simple to operate and set your desired temperature.

Applications for Our Portable Spot Cooler Rentals

There are thousands of possible spot cooler applications. Portable Air and Power is equipped for every situation including emergency equipment failures or planned outages. We supply temporary portable spot coolers to the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing industries as well as for special events.

The following are 5 industry applications for spot cooler rentals:

1.Emergency rooms, labs, and hospitals

Patient care and lab environments often require critical cooling. Portable air conditioners are used maximize patient comfort and lab usage.

2. Commercial office space & retail floor space

Spot coolers are perfect for employees that work after hours or on weekends when the building cuts back the central HVAC. Don’t depend on the building central HVAC system that may shut down after hours and on weekends. Add extra cooling you control exactly where needed to keep servers cool 24/7.

3. Data centers & equipment closets

Concentrated heat-generating equipment is a breeding ground for hot spots. No matter how much you plan the data center layout and design, things change. Spot coolers can help you keep your cool and alleviate the hot spots to protect your equipment from damage.

4. Warehouses

Workers are more productive in a comfortable environment. OSHA requires mandatory breaks with extended periods of excessive temperatures. Spot coolers can help you remain compliant with regulations and keep your workers safe.

5. Special events & productions

Tented events can be cooled with temporary air conditioners. Any tent or temporary structure can be conditioned to offer a comfortable environment for guests.

On location photo and video shoots can be demanding in summer heat and humidity. Portable spot coolers keep jobs on schedule.

Other applications include:

  • Commercial remodeling site
  • Industrial motors

Benefits of Renting a Portable Spot Cooler

  • Cool an area without the expense of cooling an entire facility
  • Avoid production loss or product defects due to warping or condensation from heat and humidity
  • Keep employees comfortable, mitigate heat exhaustion, and reduce human error

Equipment When You Need It. Service You Can Depend On.

No matter the application, Portable Air and Power can design a solution to meet your cooling needs. We can pair your spot cooler with other equipment [Our Products] in our inventory boasting expert installation and timely fulfilment.

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