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3 Reasons You Should Have a Chiller Rental Company on Standby

Chiller rental is the best option for process cooling in any application. When you have a chiller rental company on standby, you can mitigate costs of maintenance and storage, worrying about engineering a proper system, and unforeseen outages. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits.

Free Chiller Maintenance and Storage

When you own a chiller system, it’s your responsibility to maintain the system and service the equipment when something needs repairing. You also need the proper storage for the system, with some chillers weighing over 10,000 pounds.

Portable Air and Power maintains the equipment and keeps it in excellent working condition for when the need arises, and our installation team will deliver the solution to your location. In the meantime, our warehouses of inventory are properly stored for maximizing equipment efficiency and lifetime.

Custom Engineered Chiller System

Our locations act as distribution centers maintaining a fully stocked, diversified inventory. Our unique systems allow for precise control of all mechanical components to allow for varying site conditions and operating parameters.

Chillers are used for several applications needing temperature-controlled cooling – comfort cooling for employees in an office, manufacturing processes that require cooling for operational output, and data center equipment cooling. Portable Air and Power’s solution-oriented engineers and installation team are knowledgeable and experienced in tailoring a fine-tuned system utilizing these components to reliably provide appropriate output for your needs.

Mitigate Unforeseen Downtime

Downtime is never welcomed and can be detrimental to your business’ bottom line. We take pride in offering 24/7 emergency response to our commercial customers. Our team will deliver the rental chiller system that meets your needs in a timely manner to mitigate downtime, production loss, and potential facility or product damage.

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Rental Chiller System Applications

In addition to the applications earlier in the article, chiller systems have many applications:


Chiller systems are used to regulate the temperature of production processes across almost every market. From food processing and injection molding to metal finishing and chemical processing, heat is often the most common byproduct.

Space Cooling

In warehouses, plant floors, hotels, and more, there are heavy-duty machines operating at extremely high temperatures. A chiller can operate outside of the established HVAC system and work to cool the space without running the facility’s utility expenses through the roof. The chiller system we design will be optimized to run efficiently for your use.

Chiller Rental Company Here For You

Portable Air and Power provides custom chiller system solutions for commercial applications across multiple markets. With locations in Byron and Marietta, Georgia, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Dallas, Texas, and service areas throughout the Southeast, Portable Air and Power is the premier choice for chiller systems for process and space cooling.

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